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With the third week coming to an end, and with the team having made our first rollover, it seems like an appropriate time to reflect on the roles of leaders and followers. As the CEO of the team, I feel a great deal of responsibility for my team’s performance, so I will have to work hard and ensure that we do well. However, I must also ask for a great deal from my team if we wish to succeed, and I hope they are willing. If I were to look back on my idea of what a leader was even a year ago, I would have thought it was more of a one way street, with all the work lying with the leader ensuring that the team performs well. But having been through this week of MGMT 300, I am now inclined to take the perspective of Kelly (1988) and see the leader-follower relationship as more of a two way street, with followers who “build their competence and focus their efforts for maximum impact.” My first impression of what the role of CEO in this class was someone who worked with each person on everything to make sure it was done right, but it is clear that this cannot be done and nor should it be. While we haven’t perfected this yet, this week it became obvious that we performed as a team best when each manager came prepared with the knowledge that was required to make our decisions as a team. What was then left for me to do was coordinate the knowledge and refine it so we had a clear image of what we wanted to accomplish and how we would accomplish that. Again, I need to work on my performance and so does my team, but it’s very early on and I’m confident we can work effectively.


This idea of the role of  the CEO isn’t what I expected it to be but it is not only much more fun, it works much better than what I thought a CEO should do. It’s very possible that my understanding of what a CEO should do could change yet again, and I hope that it does. If I hope to be an effective leader and follower in the future, I must have much more than a one dimensional view of these roles.


Kelley, R. E. (1988). In Praise of Followers. Harvard Business Review, 66(6), 142-148.


  1. Great journal! I'm so glad you're really enjoying your role as CEO, I too am enjoying my role - Marketing Manager. I liked your analysis of Kelley (1998), where the leader - follower relationship is more of a two way street as I think that clearly depict the main point of the article. I like how you're really using the reading to consolidate your role, and as you say "build their competence and focus their efforts for maximum impact" I think you sound like you're thinking like a CEO! With the first rollover down, I think we all have a lot we can improve on and we have probably all learnt a lot. I feel confident your team can work effectively too, it sounds like you got underway really well (smile)

  2. A relatable and very readable journal. I enjoyed your use of structure and how you systematically worked through your expectations, assumptions, actions and reactions to your CEO role. It was also interesting to understand your experiences when attempting to implement your initial perceptions of being a CEO. Good incorporation of ideas from the readings. It's just as important choosing what readings you use as it is shoosing the ones that your leave out, and by using only one it has allowed you to explore the one idea by Kelly (1988) around the leader-follower relationship more deeply. Love the statement of your belief that being a good CEO required you to view it from multiple dimensions. That's reflection gold. You could have an entire reflection on that thought alone. I have seen similar themes of CEO's being the enabler of a great team, aligning peoples goals and allowing them to do great work. I would have liked to have seem you explore this idea of alligning your teams goals further, you touched on it, however I think it could have looked more into this key idea that your presented. Lastly, using examples, say of how your team members responded to your efforts to bring them together would have added to your reflection and given it that extra layer of depth. 


    Over all great entry. I look forward to reading about how your CEO role plays out.