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Back to the second half of the semester. Due to the break it has left me feeling a little unmotivated. However I know that I need to step up my game again not only for my benefit but for the team as well. By looking at our Mike Bikes results, we are doing fairly okay. We are gaining quite positive results, but we definitely need to improve on some parts. I think it is fundamental to make mistakes because it gives you room to identify what you need to emphasise on and make that weakness into a strength, as illustrated by Chris Argyris (1991). The continuation of learning enables you grow your success. He also explains that people who have a lack of experiencing failure have the tendency to be more restrictive to other people’s opinions and do not response well to criticism. But just like anything, it is difficult to fully grasp onto something without experiencing it first-handily. Being a kinaesthetic learner is one of ways humans learn, therefore it is understandable why Argyris would make such assumption. If someone who experiences failure uncommonly, it might feel strange and would not know how to react to it.

Going back to my own experience on the Mikes Bikes simulation, every week seems the same. We meet at least twice a week with the group, analyse our results, contemplate the decisions and input the decisions. Moving forward, I think we need to try go beyond what we are already doing. I think the team need to push each other in order to strive for better results. Although we feel like we are in a good spot, we need to get that 'winning' mentality. Overall I think this week has been mundane, hopefully it gets better in the coming weeks.

Argyris, C. (1991). Teaching smart people how to learn. Reflections, 4(2), 4--15

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  1. Hi Mellissa,

    Similarly, I have felt the same regarding motivation this first week back. I like in this weeks reflection how you have injected your personal details into it, for example that you are a kinaesthetic learner, and how this weeks readings and experience with Mikes Bikes related to you on a personal level. From the journals I have read, it seems that this week many teams are struggling to achieve the results that they wanted, which like you said referring to the reading, enables us to grow, learn and further develop our weaknesses building them into strengths. I would love to see further explanation of the learning theories in this weeks readings and how your group could implement them.

    Good luck!

  2. Hi Mellissa,

    First of all, you have articulated a problem that lack of motivation after the holiday which I felt the same about the simulation. I can also see that you have a good understanding of Argyris' reading and I like how you put the readings relating to your experience. However, it would be better if you analyse the problem more in depth before formulating any theories. e.g., what maintains your team getting positive results? what other parts should be improved?

    Secondly, your last paragraph seems more like a daily diary. It would be better if you state the solution more in depth that you came up with after reading Argyris' theory and your experience with the team members.

    Overall, this journal is very easy to follow and I very enjoyed reading it. Good luck with everything! (smile)