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Bachelor of Commerce Graduate Profile


(info) The purpose of this document is provide a common view of the attributes that should be developed in students who successfully complete a BCom. In various waysprimarily through the Assurance of Learning process—what takes places in courses is mapped onto this Graduate Profile. No single course is intended to deliver all of these attributes, but the goal is that in total, a student's experiences in the BCom programme will foster them all.

1.      Disciplinary knowledge and practice

Graduates will be able to demonstrate and apply a breadth of knowledge across disciplines, as well as specialist knowledge within one or more of them, while recognising the relevancy of this knowledge within a global context.

2.      Critical thinking

Graduates will be able to analyse and critique theory and practice to develop well- reasoned arguments.

3.      Solution seeking

Graduates will be able to identify and frame problems using analytical skills to create and evaluate innovative solutions.

4.      Communication and engagement

Graduates will be able to collaborate and communicate effectively in diverse contexts using multiple formats.

5.      Independence and integrity

Graduates will be able to respond professionally and ethically, demonstrating a capacity for independent thought and learning.

6.      Social and environmental responsibility

Graduates will recognise the significance of the principles underpinning the Treaty of Waitangi and consider their obligations in relation to sustainability, whilst displaying constructive approaches to diversity.

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