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There are only two weeks left in the semester and I cannot believe how fast time has gone. Not long from now everyone will be focusing on exams and the future and with that means, and I am sad to say, that my time with the people I have come to know and worked closely with, has come to an end. But as I said there are still two weeks remaining and within that, there are another two rollovers of the MikesBikes simulation. This week, whilst making decisions, I noticed that my team flowed through the decision making process quite quickly, which forced me to reflect on how much we had learnt from our experience within the simulation. The whole group came together, knowing what was expected of each of us and we all had an understanding of how our decisions influenced each other’s, which seemed to result in us working more efficiently. As for myself, over the past few weeks I have come to learn the importance of preparation prior to meeting with my team so that when I do meet with them I simply have to present my ideas to them and adjust it accordingly to what we as a team decide. Our efficiency as a team and increase in shareholder value (SHV) this week was a reflection of how far we had come as a team, within the simulation. I think that since recovering from our downfall, having our SHV increase for the past few weeks, while still miles behind the competition, has been small victories for my team. However one thing that weighed on me this week was whether we still had a chance to obtain a SHV high enough to get a good grade for, this late in the semester. At the start of the week, I worried that as our SHV had only just begun to improve, it was still not high enough to result in a good grade and that it also did not reflect the level of effort put into the simulation by my team. From the very beginning, maintaining a high SHV was a priority for my team as we all assumed that this was what our grade would be based on, and this is what encouraged my concern. However in the lecture this week, questions were raised about the grading of the simulation. We were all relieved to hear that all factors would be taken into consideration and not just SHV. It gave me hope that my team and I would be able to obtain a grade much higher than what our SHV reflected. In saying this, by drawing on our experience thus far and knowledge from the simulation, my team and I will still aim to further increase our SHV as much as we can in the final two rollovers.

The readings this week argued that the future of an organisation is dependent upon its history (Greiner, 1972). That factors such as the age, size and growth rate of an organisation play a role in its ability to develop. They also discussed the concepts of evolution and revolution, where evolution is a period of growth in an organisation, where there is no turmoil and revolution is a period in an organisation, where there is a lot of turmoil (Greiner, 1972). When I think about the beginning of the MikesBikes rollovers, when my team faced three consecutive weeks where our SHV dropped, I would say we were going through a period of revolution. During this time, no matter what we did to improve our standing in the simulation, our SHV got worse. Luckily we managed to overcome this and ended the revolution period. Greiner (1972) has also identified various phases of growth: creativity; direction; delegation; coordination; and collaboration. In terms of MikesBikes, I think my team is in the direction phase of growth. In this phase, organisations begin to departmentalise, which we did with our individual roles as mangers. Work standards and processes are created, which we created through our strategy and approach to decision making. And the communication to some extent was formal when discussing matters surrounding the simulation.

Overall, this week has showcased to me how far my whole team has come since the very beginning, as I am sure many others will have noticed with their teams. While we faced some rough times at the start, we worked together to get ourselves back on track. As we approach the end of the semester, I am determined for my team to further improve in the final two rollovers and I look forward to seeing the end result and final standings of all the teams in the class.

Greiner, L. E. (1972). Evolution and revolution as organizations grow. Harvard Business Review, 50(4), 37--46.

1 Comment

  1. Hi Zaynah,

    Its good to see that your teams results have been improving. I found myself in the same situation is regards to how we will all be graded, it was good to here that it wont be on our SHV alone, and more on our decisions and how we have dealt with mistakes.

    Your reflection was well written, it had a good balance of your experience mixed with readings from the week. It was good to see you go further and relate the readings to the what had happened to your team.

    All the best for the double rollover, hopefully your upward trend continues!