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Learning Journal – Week-07

It’s already week seven and it seems that we have hit rock bottom, or so we assume. As the rollover hit, we thought we had fixed our mistakes and we thought we’d finally see a nice increase in our SHV, but how wrong were we?

Chris Argyris states that “success in the marketplace increasingly depends on learning”, (Argyris, C. 1991), which leaves me worried that we aren’t learning anything or that what we think we’ve learned is actually very wrong in terms of our knowledge in Mikes Bikes, seeing as we aren’t doing so well. When Chris Argyris talks about being a single-loop or a double-loop, I feel as if my team is a bit of both, but leaning towards more of a double-loop. I say this purely because we aren’t defensive and we have been making a lot of mistakes that we are trying to learn from, but for some reason when we think we’ve fixed it everything becomes much much worse and every week we are left confused. In terms of the double-loop, each week we meet up and see where we went wrong and what we can fix, and we come up with decisions we all agree on as a team, and I don’t feel like there is any defensive reasoning in my team to block our learning.

This week and the last few weeks have taught me not to get my hopes up really, that Mikes Bike is full of surprises what we just have to try get past and continue on. Im hoping that we are able to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it because as the 8th and last rollover approaches, I am getting very nervous as to how much more we can actually improve to get at least a B grade.



Argyris, C. (1991). Teaching smart people how to learnReflections, 4(2), 4--15


  1. Hi Sophie, good job on the journal this week. You have done a great job incorporating the readings into your journal and have shown an in depth analysis and questioning of them. I also liked that you related them to the team and your experiences with them this week in saying that you think the team leans towards double-loop learning because they are not defensive when things do not go well. You have outlined some of the stages of Daudelin's framework such as problem recognition which you have identified as being that the team has maybe hit rock bottom. To improve you journal for next time you could maybe highlight the other stages a bit more. For instance at the problem analysis stage you could discuss why you think the team may have hit rock bottom. For the hypothesis generation stage you could discuss whether this is a situation you have faced before within and outside of the class and how you handled this. For the action stage you could identify some ways in which you think the team can improve from here on, do you have any solutions to the problem that you can look in to. In terms of Bloom's taxonomy I believe that you are at the application stage where you can grasp the content of the theory very well and apply it to your experience over the week. Overall, you journal was well written and easy to follow. I enjoyed reading it as I could relate to a lot of what was said. Good luck for next week's journal.

  2. I have a funny feeling that Peter has deliberately set the reviewers for this week to all be members of each other's teams, which is interesting. I agree mostly with what Zaynah has said above so I will try to ensure my review is slightly different.

    Firstly I don't think that you have strongly articulated the problem that you have identified. You have really only touched on what has happened, and since I am on your team I understand what you were referring to when you mention we may have hit rock bottom, but you could expand this further. Because you do not strongly identify the problem then you do not delve further into Daudelin's structure for reflecting through the problem by articulating potential solutions and working through them.

    However you have done a great job incorporating the readings into this journal and making it relevant to your experience during the week. This is really good and I feel that it gets you up into those higher levels of Blooms Taxonomy as you are applying what you have read to your own experiences. Overall it is a well constructed journal I just feel it needs to follow Daudelin a lot closer to get you those better grades for the final journal. Feel free to talk to me during our firm meetings! Good luck.