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Anxiety has been an emotion that I haven't been able to shake this week.  

Having our first 'rollover' was stressful enough, but also coming to grips with what our roles within our groups actually are and what we are suppose to do within these roles.    In particular the concept of the unknown is not one that I like to interact with, although it is one that we must constantly face.  And the unknown in regards to MikesBikes is vast indeed.  For this reason I have been extremely grateful to simply be one of the followers and not one of the leaders for this challenge.  Though the motivation of uncertainty and the unknown have been interesting.  It created a new determination within myself, because although the anxiety was here to stay the manner in which I channeled it could be altered; and in this case facing the challenge head on instead of relying on others to take the lead became my new course of action.  Although I could argue within myself that this increased the anxiety levels because I was pretty much making myself tackle a concept that I would typically not engage with, I found that this provided myself the opportunity to face an emotion that I am extremely familiar with in a different context.  Anxiety towards new challenges or in general has been a battle I have faced all my life and through different areas have had to channel or face it with different means and abilities.  Therefore, this assignment in general has allowed me the opportunity to face a new avenue for my anxiety to manifest and determine which angle will allow me the greatest form of success to contribute towards my group and not allow the anxiety of the uncertain to drag me down.  This development allows my motivation for this assignment to be altered and placed into a different sphere in comparison to the general motivations that my group and I have determined between ourselves, which will hopefully allow me to become a greater contribution to our team and allow us the ability to achieve the success we aim to achieve (Kelley, 1988).  

Luckily this was the case for our first rollover this week.  Instead of attempting to begin our simulation with guns blazing our team decided to develop an aim that we hoped to achieve after our first rollover.   And as luck would have it we achieved it through our communication between each other and the knowledge of our team goal.  It allowed us to know that we can work well as a team and also that we are able to achieve what we desired through a simple process and reporting to our CEO for a review to be made of our decisions.  We admittedly were late getting the ball rolling although we had begun our team meetings before this weeks lectures began, but it was a comforting moment when we were able to pull together our resources and achieve what we wanted in the end.  It also helps that as a team we all have full range within our responsibilities and that our leader does not impose their will upon us or allows one of us to have a dominant say, but that we all get to contribute to the final say of the decision (Collins, 2005).  It demonstrates that our leader recognises our need to develop our ideas on our own, but to make them into a viable combination brings us together as a team to generate our final decisions.  So although this week has been one of stress and filled of anxious thoughts overall our decisions towards MikesBikes allowed us to achieve the aim that we had determined between ourselves.  From past experience this has not always been the case, where I have had leaders the dominate the group to the point where the project becomes a one man show simply because the alternative ideas from other members have been discredited to the point that members feel useless or simply unable to bring to the table anything of worth.  Therefore, this experience so far has been extremely enjoyable and the leadership from our CEO and our other members in their selected fields has allowed a growth to occur over this week and I look forward to our next achievable goal and to see if we can maintain our success.         


Collins, J. C. (2005). Level 5 leadership: the triumph of humility and fierce resolveHarvard Business Review, 83(7/8), 136--146

Kelley, R. E. (1988). In praise of followers. Harvard Business Review, 66(6), 142--148


  1. I'm sitting here wondering if I should comment yet, or if I should wait and see what your two allocated reviewers say. I think I'll wait ... as I know some people find it hard to comment after me.

  2. Hey Anna,

    This journal showed good reflection and understanding of the concepts that we are learning. You focused on different leadership styles and were able to point out how your previous experiences compare to those you are going through now. This helped you contextualise the readings, which was apparent in this journal. I would add, though, that you could incorporate more theory from the readings next time. You used a lot of relevant experiences but by bringing in theory as well, you could show how your experiences compare to what the readings say and to what extent you agree or disagree with the readings. There was really good reflection though so this was an interesting learning journal.

  3. Your journal is very good and easy to read with a good structure. I'm sorry to hear about a past group experience has made your team feel useless, but I think it would have been good to reflect a little more on that experience and make an example of it and show what you learnt from it (smile).

    Other than that and possibly go into greater depth with the ideas presented in the readings to help develop your theories and reflections. Well done.