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During the first few days of this week, our team members were frustrated because many of us felt that no matter how many efforts we have put into Mike's Bike, we still had average performance. Some of us (include me) were bit lost and we didn't know what kind of strategies we should make, I lost the confidence of making decisions because I was afraid of making mistakes, we cannot afford to make any mistakes at this stage. I have asked many of my friends who have done Mike's Bike and many of them said that Mike's Bike is a game, it is different to the real-life, but it is very difficult for us to recover if we have made "Big Mistake". In this case, we had, consider that our SHV has dropped rapidly few weeks ago.

However, I remembered the key reason that motivate me and my team members to study this papaer is "Learning". If this is the purpose of studying Mgmt 300, then I do believe that I have learnt a lot from this paper. I have acquired a lot of management knowledge such as leadership, followership and Blue Ocean Strategy, but most importantly, this paper helps me to improve a better interpersonal skill, such as patience to listen, tolerance and ability to face failure. As I realized I have experienced and learnt so much stuffs in these 10 weeks, I felt that I have achieved the most important goal of this paper, which is- what have I learn from Mgmt 300. We became motivated again when all of us realized we have learnt so much from this course, many of us became less stress and gained some positive study attitude. We all worked together and I suddenly gained the sense of team, that is we all have the same goal and we all hold our hands tightly together in front of both success and failure.

I believe this week's Reading "Evolution and Revolution as organisations grow" written by Larry E.Greiner is a great reflection of my Mgmt 300 learning experience. Evolution is used to describe prolonged period of growth whereas revolution used to describe those period of substantial turmoil in organisation life. Different companies in different industries tend to have different level, phase and length of evolution and revolution. I think our company in Mike's Bike will be the companies in medium-growth industries, in Mike's Bike, there are only five types of bikes and we won't need to worry about the substitute goods such as motorcycles and public transports since Mike's Bike is just a game. However, there still has intense competition between different teams and this forces us to make every single decision cautiously. I totally agree with a key point from this reading which is each phase is both the effect of the previous phase and the cause of next phase. I laughed when I read this because this applies to not just my Mgmt 300 experience, but to my entire life experience. When I solved a problem, then there will be another problem comes up which is caused by the consequence of the previous issue. Here is a very good example, before we met our CEO, we didn't have leader and each of us had blurred understanding of our own duties, I think this can refer to Phase 1 which is creativity. Few days later we met our CEO and I suddenly felt that there was finally a person who can lead all of us, and this developed unity within the team. However, more problems generated from this stage, a lot of us felt low level of autonomy since our decisions and ideas were frequently ignored, and this triggered some tension within the team. Therefore, our CEO has tried to change herself and encouraged all of us to speak up and free to bring any ideas, she kept saying that she wanted to establish a true understanding and friendship with us. Her honesty and strong sense of responsibility made me trust her at the end (Since Im a skeptical man). As a result of this, we became lot more engaged and I became more confident to present my personal thought during the meeting.

Well, of course the problem won't end at this point, but more problems came up as a result of autonomy such as poor decision making and lack of trust between team members. However, this is the key reason that makes me choose Mgmt 300, which is learning. It encourages me to learn how to deal with others within a team and how to solve a problem when there's failure.



  1. I was afraid of making mistakes

    This sounds like it could be the opening to your summativellearning journal.

    I laughed when I read this because this applies to not just my Mgmt 300 experience, but to my entire life experience

    Nice transference of an insight from one domain to another.

    More detail that last time, so the learning journal makes much more sense. Good.

    It sounds as if you are well positioned going into the Summative Learning Journal. There are a few quirky phrases in your writing, so watch that in your summative learning journal. You might get someone else to proofread it for you. 

  2. I think this is the best journal that I've read so far. You have showed what you learnt from this paper for the past 10 weeks, especially how you pointed out you learnt through experiences from the past. Reflecting back previous experiences and mistakes and applying it in the future is what I think is a good management strategy. Also, I liked how you went in-depth with your personal perspective regarding this paper; you demonstrated the importance of team work and the problems you had around your group at the start.

    One small thing to note is reference your readings

    Best of luck for the Summative Learning Journal (smile) 

  3. This journal is definitely an improvement. You show clear understanding of the readings and the way in which you showed what you have learned throughout the course was well done. Be sure to proof read & reference your readings. All the best for your summative learning journal (smile)