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Articulation of a problem:

This week we got full team sitting down together again working toward our SHV. We just run the discussion as usual and I shared my inputting numbers for my section into the simulation as normal. I just realised that what I did for each week was just the same from the beginning of our first rollover until now. This made me think about is it going correct for myself in this course doing everything unchanged each week, is it time to breakthrough current situation or I should just keep the same? If I’m going to change, what should I do?

Analysis of the problem:

In the reading this week, Drucker (2005) states some reflective questions which I found pretty useful in learning myself better, “Do I perform well under stress, or do I need a highly structured and predictable environment? Do I work best in a big organisation or a small one?” (p.104). These questions gave me further considerations that should be taken into the decision that whether to step forward or keep for now.

Formulation and testing of a tentative theory to explain the problem:

Drucker (2005) states that, “Do not try to change yourself-you are unlikely to succeed. Work to improve the way you perform.” (p.104). This gave me further clearly direction on what I should choose in the current stage, linking to those reflective questions above, I personally prefer a predictable environment and I am afraid to take risk. A structured organisation gave me a feeling of steady and able-to-control so that I have confidence in everything I have done under such context. I would say the thing I need to improve only is the way I perform in my team.

Action/deciding whether to act:

Solution to this problem is that I would continue most of my working style as normal, I will try to put more effort into further analyzation of my inputting figures to the whole company. Hope my choice is right in this stage!



Drucker, P. F. (2005). Managing oneself. Harvard Business Review83(1), 100–109. 

1 Comment

  1. Hey Junqi,

    I enjoyed reading your journal this week and am pleased that you have decided to increase your effort for the future rollovers. I'm sure this will have a positive effect on your teams decisions and results. I can see that you have incorporated the reading from this week and I can clearly see that you have used his ideas to help formulate your own. Keep up the good work. 

    Cheers, Ethan.