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At the beginning of this week I was kind of uncertain and nervous about the work environment my team was going to have. I wasn’t sure about whether or not the different personalities and skills of each member would match well with my own attributes. However, my concerns about not having a connected team soon disappeared the moment we had our first real company meeting. Although we all have different personalities and skills, we all connected very well and most important we all have the same goal that is to win the competition with a record SHV. As a team we agreed to be involved in every aspect of the company, which at some point we will have to share roles. We figure it out along this week, that the decision helped tremendously on the company performance after the first rollover. I can say that at some point of the week we were all CEOs and leaders in the company, which brings me to this week topic of leadership.


Before engaging with the readings, I always thought of a leader to be someone who is in charge of a group of people, who delegates work to their “followers” and orders them, and someone who is always taking full commitment and responsibility on whatever the outcomes will be. After doing the readings I started to realize more things about being a leader that I didn’t consider before. I started to question myself wondering, what really is a leader? What actions I have to perform in order to be considered a leader? My concept of leader is right or wrong? I found that in fact there are more things of being a leader than what I know. Collins (2005) for example focuses on different kinds of leadership, which I though was just performed by CEOs, not by others. However, Kelley’s (1988) reading made me realize that leadership isn’t just for top management; a leader could be anyone who takes the initiative to share and offer ideas, someone who is not afraid to raise its voice to defend what he consider right, someone who is motivated to do whatever it takes to help the company succeed. Kelley, outline an effective follower to be someone who has all that is just described, therefore I believe that an effective follower can in fact be considered as a leader as well in the sense that they offer opinions and do all they can to succeed, which is what a leader is.


Generally speaking, this third week experience of all of us taking important decision for the good of the company, I feel that we all portrayed leadership in our own individual ways. We all were just being a bunch of effective followers, taking actions as a bunch of leaders. As a result, we got the second highest SHV for this week, following closely the highest SHV.  I’m looking forward to keep working with my team to keep obtaining good results and win the competition at the end of the semester.



Collins, J. C. (2005). Level 5 leadership: the triumph of humility and fierce resolveHarvard Business Review, 83(7/8), 136--146
Kelley, R. E. (1988). In praise of followers. Harvard Business Review, 66(6), 142--148


  1. Review for Week03 Learning Journals

    Alvaro Andres Pesca Gomez

    This was an extremely pleasant learning journal to read and it was the best one I have read so far this semester. You followed Daudelin’s steps very well and demonstrated higher levels of bloom’s taxonomy (showing evaluation- questioning yourself and your previous beliefs about leadership).

    If I had to critique you, it would be that maybe you should also question the theory (is that how real leaders in today’s business society act?) as well but overall you did an amazing job. Easy to read and it was very interesting. Good job with Mikes Bikes!!!

  2. This was a good learning journal with some great reflection. You've shown that you are engaging with the concepts and thinking about how your new ideas compare to your old ones. Although I think this was done well, I would add that in the future you could bring in more concepts from the reading and either challenge them or use them to get a deeper understanding of your experiences.