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Its nearly 4pm on a Friday and after finishing a 9hr shift at work it feels like it’s the first chance I’ve had to sit down and relax and actually reflect or think about my week. Hence I havn’t had a lot of time cover the readings for this week, besides somewhat skim reading over them.


Heading into week three of mgmt. 300 I wasn’t feeling as anxious or nervous of what the course had wasn’t going to present, I felt this was largely due to the members of the group that I was placed in. Throughout the week we came together as a group and started researching and tinkering with the simulation to gain a sense of direction and strategy of which we wish to steer our company. At first we found this somewhat difficult and didn’t have a clear plan of what everyone wanted to achieve or what our particular roles actually required us to do. I found this part extremely difficult as being the CEO of our team I felt a bit lost. After reading the roles of the CEO in the manual I had a better idea of what my role entailed. I knew that I had to in away step up and lead the team but at the same time I didn’t want them to feel like I was trying to control them. This is one aspect that after reflecting this week I need to go back and discuss with my team members so I can have a clear idea and be an effective member of the group.


However after coming together as a group on Thursday and spending a significant amount of time practicing the simulation offline we managed to put in a roll over that gained our group a much higher share price than any of us expected and at the same time had a lot of fun. We worked together as group to analyse reports and make the decisions. Even though we had separate roles everyone was willing to help each other to eventuate at decisions. This made me realize that maybe my role of CEO wont require strong leadership as it seems we have a group of effective leaders. For these reasons I’m very excited to get into week 4 J

1 Comment

  1. Hi Julian,

    I really enjoyed reading your journal entry. You have showed leadership through perseverance. Your experience reminds me of the followers reading last week (week three). It talked about how great followers vs great leaders. I think you would find it very interesting. I also liked how you linked a not so good experience with the very productive experience. Keep it up! However, for improvements, applying reading materials to your journal entry would spice things up (level 5 leadership and followers reading).  Overall, great job and all the best for the rest of the semester.

    Cheers (smile)