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A colleague, who knows that I like to run a bit, sent me through an article on Leadership and Running.


As I read it, I found myself thinking of some of the teams who feel they are struggling at the moment, and the following paragraph stood out for me:

A.G. Lafley — who, as CEO, more than doubled the number of Procter & Gamble’s billion dollar brands — may have said this one best. “I think of my failures as a gift.” You can’t grow as a leader if everything goes swimmingly. It’s when things go wrong that you have the best opportunity to learn. Recognizing this makes it easier to push through the setbacks. They are opportunities for true growth. The mark of a great leader, no less than a great runner, isn’t never coming up short. It’s how you handle the challenges.

Learning is difficult. No doubt about it. To start doing things differently, and that means not doing what one did in the past and that is hard. If nothing else, it is hard to break or change old habits. But to move forward it is often necessary to doing things differently.

That said, that's not a call just to try 'random' stuff. Try doing it differently on the basis of thinking things through—darest I say—much like Daudelin suggests.

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