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Last week Peter asked us if we knew what we did wrong and if we could justify the mistakes made in last weeks rollover, then Peter would give us a cash injection. we received the money and were stoked! I mentioned last week in my reflection that I hoped my team members would be more motivated considering we didn't do to well and required the injection, and this week everyone showed up for meetings, justified their research and decisions made on fb, and seemed a hell of a lot more keen to do business. We deserved a good result this week due to the realization and effort we put into conducting our decisions and we reaped the benefits. I think this is what we needed right now, which in turn, I do hope it keeps us motivated for the next 2 weeks.
Overall I am grateful that I got allocated with this group of people, they have been amazing to work with and have taught me a lot, I have gained more confidence because of them. I think we get better results because we work so well together and I wouldn't trade my position with anyone.

So the reading this week was about the CEO and understanding what a granular approach is, first I want to talk about our CEO because I haven't yet mentioned enough about him and I feel as if he deserves more than a shout out. Our CEO is brilliant. I think what makes him absolutely brilliant is that he has admitted that he doesn't know everything and has told us he needs our help. It is good to know that he relies on us just as much as we rely on him, we all feel like we have a part to play because he allocates us tasks that suit our role within the simulation, and he trusts us to carry them out. On fb each week he gives us a summary of how well we did in the rollover, what improvements we need to make, and what research each person needs to conduct. Every week he checks up on everyone to make sure they are Ok, he is consistent with his role and never waivers. Even during test weeks (week 6 especially) or periods of great stress for the team, he was always there and he earned our trust over the weeks and he has earned ours. He wasn't over-confident, ignorant or domineering but honest, diplomatic and kind. We, well I couldn't have asked for a better CEO.

I also needed to mention the CEO because his role ties in with the reading, I feel as if subconsciously he does take in a granular approach. He understands that he has to look at every department in detail to find out what the organizations finances are being spent on and if it is necessary to spend that amount of money on that particular aspect. He gets us to research how every aspect of our given department links together, and if we spend less money on something how will this effect something else. It came naturally to us, without the CEO needing to constantly remind us to re-investigate the decisions we made from the previous week and look at what needs to be changed in time for the current rollover. He wanted us to justify the decisions we made and how they link up or effect other departments.    

Taking a more granular approach was rewarding in that we knew what we needed to invest in, we understood each other's justifications and could always look back on them if we struggled in making the next move. we had evidence to look back on, and could make smarter decisions by recognizing opportunities for growth (resource reallocation) such as launching a kids bike and taking over that market, or abandoning a product because the market is already taken over by another firm. I am the HR manager and found that I worked well with the operations manager because SCU and workers training and workforce size interrelated greatly from the research I found. We had a big leadership team, the CEO listened to others and yielded his viewpoint if the team didn't agree, he was flexible with meet up sessions and was happy to discuss or post things up on Facebook. Everyone's opinion mattered and if he didn't agree with something he would explain why.

The subconscious invaluable granular approach the CEO took on naturally made our team the success it is today. Reading this article has made me ponder what would have happened to our little firm if we didn't have the CEO we have now.


Baghai, M., Smit, S., & Viguerie, P. (2009). Is your growth strategy flying blind? Harvard Business Review, 87(5), 86---96.



  1. Hi Micaela

    Well done for doing well in this rollover and I’m glad your team mebers are motivated while some teams are still struggling to unite and make collective decisions. I also agreed with you that the role of CEO couldn’t be underestimated in a team. They are the people who have motivated us most of the times. 

    In terms of the structure, I think you described your team experience more this time and you haven’t really followed Dauelin’s reflection process. I believe it would be a fantastic journal if you followed the reflection process. But if not, you could always follow Bloom’s taxonomy, show you have analysed and evaluated.

    Meanwhile, hope your team is all motivated and ready for the next rollover and good luck. 

  2. Micaela,

    It is awesome to see that you have seen an improvement within you team with respect to people turning up more motivated and focused. It is always positive when you put in the effort and do see the rewards. 

    Peter asked us this week to go back and see what we told you to improve on from week 4 and if you have done that. I will be honest the feedback I gave you back then wasn't overly substantial but I did comment on drawing on more of the readings to explain your personal experiences. You have made a huge effort this time to use the readings about CEO and how this applies to your own CEO. A good example of this is where you have described how your CEO uses a granular approach through looking at each of the different departments and what you are spending money on/ if it is worth it. Don't forget to always reference the readings when you use the ideas from them. 

    I would suggest for your final journal entry that you try and focus on the  structure set out by Dauedlin. While this journal entry was interesting to read, it sort of felt more like a personal summary of your team mates rather than really analysing the learning that has gone on from the past week. While it is great that it all seems very positive and that your CEO is doing a great job, from what I gather these learning journals are best applied to a problem or something that could be improved on . Maybe there is one aspect that your CEO is doing so well that you could have focused on ? And from there after articulating what the problem is you could then look to analyse how the granular approach could help to remedy this problem. From this analysis you might find a way of fixing the problem and a way forward. 

    Hope the last rollover goes well (smile)