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 What do I do if I feel stressed, think I might be depressed, or am feeling anxious a lot of the time?
  • Make an appointment with Student Health or Counselling (details on where to get HELP on the portal).
  • If you need an urgent appointment and are having trouble getting one, get in touch with your Student Support Advisor.
  • Apply for an aegrotat if you think that your health has impacted on your ability to study for/perform in a test or assessment.  If you need assistance with this process, please contact your Student Support Advisor.
 What do I do if I think I want to take some time off because of my health?
  • If it is over the period of time allowed for sick leave, then you will need to contact the Phase Director (as well as following the recommendations in the guidebook about getting a medical certificate etc.).
  • If you think you need to have an extended period away from the programme, then you will need to let the Phase Director know this, get a letter from your health provider supporting this, and book in to see the Director of Medical Student Affairs, taking your letter with you. In all cases, you will need to have a letter from your health provider supporting your request for time off. It is best to have these conversations as soon as possible once the issue arises, as there can be implications on your enrolment/fees.  
 What do I do if I think I may want to leave medicine?
  • Talk to someone about it. You can book into to talk this through confidentially with a counsellor, or with your Student Support Advisor.
  • If you want to also talk with a doctor who is in the Medical Programme, then your Student Support Advisor can refer you on to talk with the Director of Medical Student Affairs. Some students do choose to leave the programme, and can usually get some of their academic work partially credited towards a different qualification.
 I am being bullied and/or harassed on the ward. What can I do?
  • You are able to make a written complaint and/or you can talk with your attachment coordinator, Phase Director, Year Co-ordinator, Head of Department, or the University Proctor about it.  Your privacy will be respected and the programme will do its utmost to support and protect you. You may also wish to talk with a counsellor about it and to your Student Support Advisor.       
  • Additionally, please feel free to refer to a document on how to prevent and respond to workplace bullying on the PPS site, under Resources, under the Health and Wellbeing tab. Also in this document is a useful flow chart called “Am I Being Bullied?” 
 I have been unwell for a while and my health is impacting on my ability to do the work required of a Medical Programme. I can’t sign the ‘compulsory declaration’.
  • Book in to see the Director of Medical Student Affairs and please bring a note from your health provider documenting your health condition and the limits it imposes.
 I would like to change my placement because of family circumstances/health
  • If it’s your own health: Get a letter from your GP/Specialist/Health Practitioner and then book in to see the Director of Medical Student Affairs, who will then contact the Phase Director. If it is a family health matter – e.g., a family member with a long term illness, please get a letter from your family member's GP documenting the need for you to support this person, then book in to see Phase Director. (The Phase Director’s decision will stand, so please do not book into see the DMSA afterwards to ask for a second opinion, as the DMSA does not make the placements).  
 I am upset about a recent FTP issue and worried about going in front of the FTP committee
  • You may wish to book in to see a counsellor. Also book in to see the DMSA - they are your advocate and can help you prepare for the meeting.
 I find it hard to finish my exams in the allotted time and/or I'm finding it hard to study.
  • Book into see your Student Support Advisor.  Student Learning Services can help you with these sorts of issues, and also sometimes, Disability Services. Your Student Support Advisor will talk with you and together you can work out which service you could approach.    



Contact Details

Student Support Advisor for Domestic and International Students

Daniel Heke

(09) 923 7071

Student Support Advisor for MAPAS Students (Phase 1)

Akanesi Moala

0800 20 20 99 option: 3 

021 879 565

Student Support Advisor for MAPAS Students (Phase 2 & 3)

Akanesi Moala

0800 20 20 99 option: 3 

021 879 565

Directors of Medical Student Affairs

Dr Ben Ling

Dr Emme Chacko

University Health and Counselling

(09) 923 7681

For Aegrotat and Compassionate Consideration for Written Tests see here:

The University of Auckland strives to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of all students. Alongside this, students should note that they too have a responsibility to take reasonable care of themselves and others. Students are encouraged to seek help early by contacting their academic supervisor and/or appropriate support services. For more information, please see the University of Auckland’s Health and Safety Policy or the Where To Get Help documents on the MBChB Portal.

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