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Provisional MBChB 2 and 3 Dates for 2022

Year 2 Commences: Monday 21 February 2022

Easter/mid-semester break: 15 April – 28 April 2022
Inter-semester break: 23 June – 10 July 2022
Mid-semester break: 29 August – 11 September 2022
End of semester 2: 8 November 2022

Year 3 Commences: Monday 28 February 2022

Easter/mid-semester break: 15 April – 28 April 2022
Inter-semester break: 21 June – 14 July 2022
Mid-semester break: 29 August – 11 September 2022
End of semester 2:  11 November 2022

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IMPORTANT End of Life Choice Act 2019 

On November 7, 2021, the End of Life Choice Act 2019 will come into force. All health care workers will have obligations under this Act. We have prepared the resources below to introduce you to the Act, your obligations and the systems that have been developed for assisted dying in Aotearoa.

We strongly encourage you to undertake the Ministry of Health modules available at Learn Online: you can access these from the link below. We will produce further resources over the next few months. Please feel free to contact Vicki Jones or Monique Jonas with any questions, observations or requests that you may have about the End of Life Choice Act and assisted dying.

Ministry of Health resources including modules in Learn Online

A recorded mini lecture and slides from the lecture

Ministry of Health guidance on responding when a person raises assisted dying and general information for health professionals

The assisted dying service information for health professionals 

Responding when a person raises assisted dying: A conversation guide for health professionals 

IMPORTANT Advertising Jobs to Students - please use the portal

While we would like to help our students and to support groups (especially those in education or health) that are keen to hire students, we also do not want to blur the line between official programme-related postings and emails (which students must read and follow) and those which some students will likely regard as junk mail. It is hard enough for many students to wade through all their email correspondence; we don’t want to make it harder for them to keep up with important programme announcements or directives.

In addition, we strongly encourage students in Phases 2 and 3 of the programme to refrain from outside work if at all possible, since the programme alone is quite demanding.  So it seems counterproductive to simultaneously pass on job offers. That said, we do appreciate that some students have no choice but to work and that hearing about more jobs, particularly those seeking medical students, could be very helpful to them.

We also do not want to seem to be promoting one company over another, and once we allow one company access to our students, it is hard to refuse the other dozen or two who then demand equal treatment.

You can appreciate that we are trying to balance multiple competing priorities here, and thus after much deliberation the consensus is that the best platform to advertise any job opportunities for medical students is via the Student Job Search Portal which students have open and  life-long access to.

The link to the portal is : Careers Development and Employability Services - The University of Auckland - students can advertise and also find other job opportunities here.  You can get in touch directly with the careers centre by contacting them via email :  careers@auckland.ac.nz