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Programme Details

MBChB Overview Chart
The Medical Curriculum - Graduate Learning Outcomes
AMC 2015 Reaccreditation Report for the Medical Programme
Our Medical Programme – addressing the critical shortage of Doctors in Regional and Rural New Zealand
Rural Health Immersion Programme
Risk Intervention Team
Proctor Information
Health and Safety Policy information for students
MBChB Learning Outcomes Database

UoA Assessment policy
Progress Test Results
Progress Test Guide
Assessment Strategy Purposes and Principles
Video: How to view and interpret your Progress Test results
Formative Progress Tests
Assessment Blueprint (April 2021)
PT32 Analysis Report

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Student Welfare

Where To Get Help! (WTGH)

  • You can find this information on the relevant years canvas page

Dealing with Bullying, Discrimination and Harassment

Wellbeing Resources

Helping Someone in Distress Resources

Pastoral Support FAQs

Further Resources for Staff

Mental Health Helplines

University Health Support
Student Health and Counselling Service
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If a student is in doubt whether they should be attending an operation (due to uncertainty regarding consent having been sought, or due to the sensitivity of the operation) then they should discuss the situation with the surgeon or nurse in charge of the case in theatre. In addition, currently consent forms vary between hospitals with some forms incorporating the presence of students - students should make themselves acquainted with the contents of their local consent form. In addition, students should be directed to the Portal for additional discussion on the topic - Clinical practice: guidelines, policies & legislation > 1.2 Medical Students and Informed Consent