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  • Ensure all physical and neurocognitive data have been entered.
  • Open the caregiver report form and select the appropriate options from the drop-down menus.
  • Click "Save and Stay".
  • Check the formatting and names in the report .
  • Go to the "Autosend NOW" button. If the primary caregiver email is displayed, select "yes" and enter today's date to send automatically.
  • If the email needs to be entered or corrected, go to the appropriate connections form in the tracking database, change the date, click "Save and Exit"  and then run the "Import" function from the NIEOS database homepage.
  • Check hardcopy as "no" (if sending via hard copy, use the "Print" button).
  • Mark form as complete.
  • Click "Save and Exit" the to leave the form.


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