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AHREC Process

HDEC and HOD approval

Online process for obtaining Academic Head approval for HDEC applications:   all HDEC ethics applications must be approved by your Academic Head prior to submission of your application to HDEC, using the new Ethics RM Pre-Submission Approval for HDEC Applications Form.

For details on how to complete the Pre-Submission Approval for HDEC Applications Form please see guides - Infonetica Ethics RM – Create HDEC application approval request and Infonetica Ethics RM – Submit HDEC application approval request.

For details on how to sign-off an HDEC Academic Head approval request please see  Infonetica Ethics RM – Sign-off HDEC application approval request.

Once Academic Head approval is obtained you must seek, via the HDEC online system:

  • Sponsor Authorisation from the University and any other sponsor of your study.
  • Locality authorisation from each locality involved in your research study. Where any part of the research is being undertaken on University of Auckland (UoA) premises i.e. the UoA is a human health research ‘site’, locality approval should be sought form the applicable Academic Head (i.e. Head of School / Department etc.) or their delegate.

For more details, please see the How do I request authorisation from The University of Auckland? section of the Health and Disability Research intranet page.

Further information on the improved HDEC Academic Head approval process and rationale for these improvements is detailed below. If you have any questions in relation to this improved process, please contact Elizabeth Visser(

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