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CeR Visualisation Suite Acceptable Use Policy


The policy applies to all users of the Visualisation & Analytics service, respective equipment and projects utilising this service.


To define the responsibilities for all users of the services.


CeR’s intent is to offer a Visualisation & Analytics service to UoA researchers, subject to central funding. The service consists of access to a dedicated Visualisation Suite, specialised equipment kept in the Suite and specialist staff to provide training, advice and development support.


Any user with an applicable research project is free to book and use the Centre for eResearch visualisation facility and its associated hardware and devices. This usage will occur supervised by CeR staff at hand, unless the user has demonstrated their proficiency and has been approved for unsupervised access.

CeR can provide a small amount of development/advice/tutorials at no costs, subject to availability.

For larger research projects that require more extensive usage of space and specialist assistance, a cost recovery mechanism will be applied through a mutually agreed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) as the basis for internal funds transfer.

To book a device for off-site use, we require a written Acceptance of Liability (email is acceptable) to make sure that the device is returned at its original state at signing out.

Any damages, malfunction or loss of equipment occurring during the loan period will result in charging the user for the replacement value.

CeR is not responsible for consequences arising from using its services and reserves the right to revise this policy without notice.

UoA IT Acceptable Use Policy applies to all CeR services.


The Centre/CeR – Centre for eResearch

Visualisation Suite/Viz Suite – Room 302.580

UoA – University of Auckland

User – Researcher or Staff in UoA

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