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  • Nectar: Short CLI Procedures
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These are smaller procedures and one-liners that don't warrant a dedicated page of their own. Any command that uses the OpenStack Python API clients (e.g. nova, neutron) needs to have Keystone credentials sourced first.

List all instances on host

nova list --host <host> --all-tenants

Live migrate instances to another hostnova live-migration <UUID of instance>Can see status of migration with nova list --host <host> --all-tenantes
Take host out of scheduler (e.g. for maintenance)

nova-manage service disable --host=ntr-cop08 --service=nova-compute

nova-manage must be run from a nova management node.
See status of all nova services (e.g. for troubleshooting)nova-manage service listnova-manage must be run from a nova management node.
See flavour detail informationnova flavour-show <flavor name or UUID> 
Add key to flavor

nova flavor-key <flavor> set <key>

Single/double quotes often needed are around vars