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  • Nectar: Performing Maintenance
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If you need to perform maintenance on a host, there are some important steps to take beforehand:

-If the host is a compute node:

  1. Live-migrate all VMs off that host: 
    1. Get list of VMs and their IDs:  nova list --host <node name> --all-tenants
    2. Migrate each off:  nova live-migration <vm id>
    3. Run a. again to make sure it was migrated
  2. Disable new VMs from being scheduled (must be run from a nova management node): nova-manage service disable --host=<node name> --service=nova-compute
  3. Create maintenance window in Nagios so that alerts aren't generated and people don't panic.

-If the host is a Ceph Storage Node:

It is crucial that not more than one Ceph node is brought down at once. After restarting, ensure that the rebalance is complete by running ceph -s and ensuring a HEALTH OK status.

-If the host is a admin / control plane hypervisor: