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  • Nectar: OpenStack CLI API Access
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You have access to the OpenStack CLI Interface if you have access to a Nectar project. 

Step-by-step guide

  1. Log into your Nectar dashboard, and select the relevant active project from the top-left pull down. 
  2. In the left-hand menu, expand Settings. Click Reset Password → Reset Password (button). (Good idea to make a note of this password.)
  3. In left hand menu, expand "Access and Security"
  4. Click "Download Openstack RC File" button
  5. Install OpenStack clients on your local system. For example, on MacOS use Brew to install like this, or apt/pip in Ubuntu like this (sorry, official OpenStack docs are down right now).
  6. Source the rc file you downloaded ( e.g.:  . rc_file )
  7. Now you should be able to run API commands using the CLI. Here's some example commands

    Here's an example of how to launch a new CirrOS instance in your project after following the above steps. After running the below 'nova boot' command, you can run 'nova server list' to confirm it was built correctly and get the IP.

    nova boot sean_197b --image ed01445a-792e-4a69-8868-9ffa5e7e0c06 --availability-zone auckland --flavor m2.tiny --key-name sean


  • The Reset Password action in step 2 will only generate/reset your CLI API password, not the credentials you use to access the dashboard GUI. 
  • With the CLI API Interface, you may not have rights to some commands, and rights may be limited to the cells, projects, etc., that you have access. 
  • if you would prefer to not enter your password every time you source the RC file, remove the INPUT line, and set export OS_PASSWORD= to your PW from step #2.