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  • GUiNZ: Setting up New Researchers
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When new researchers are registered through Growing Up in New Zealand for the remote data access portal, we are currently setting them up with access to the VM. 

          Giving Researchers Access

  1. Peter Tricker will contact the group with new users that need to be enabled access for the system. He will provide the UPIs. 
  2. In NetAccount, add the UPIs Peter specifies to the group rvmf00054_vmuser@eresearch (note: Do not add to the rvmf00054_vmadmin group for any reason- researcher use needs to be secure and confidential).
    Advise Peter that the group will sync overnight and the users can login the following day. 

    Shared Folder
  3. Log into the GUiNZ VM by pointing Chrome or Firefox to: . SSO login first, then click on the "Click here for access" section, and then login to the Windows login with your UPI/password to get to Windows. 
  4. Open My Computer, create a new folder in the E: "Data" drive. Right click the folder → Properties → Security Tab → Edit Button → Add Button. Search for each user who needs shared access and add. (See picture below.)
  5. Last, tick "Allow" for "Full Control" and "Modify" and click "Apply". Logout, and let Peter know the folder name the users should look for. (The users can get to E: by clicking the "Data Drive" shortcut on their desktop, like in the screenshot below.