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There are many ways to work with the Data Grid. Files are stored in an iRODS repository, which is both a file system, and a metadata data base, to hold arbitrary information about the files (e.g. Instrument settings, PI, processing applied, ...).

The Data Fabric is available to institutes who are members of the Tuakiri access federation, and their collaborators (see Data Fabric Registering an Account).

If you have sensitive data, we advise that you encrypt this before storing it in the data fabric.

Ways to Access The Data Fabric.

Group Management

Groups can be used to create a shared area for a research group. This has to be done by an administrator, but adding and removing group members can then be delegated to one or more members of the research group.

Group members are identified by their iRODS identity, not their Tuakiri identity. User can find their iRODS identity through the Web page (top right). Group administrators can use the web page to change the group membership (select a folder, then click on the "Access Control" button on the right of the page). Group members can be give "Read", "Write" or "Read and Write" access. If a user does not have access to a folder, they will not even see it.

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