How do I update my software?

Any updates need to be tested by the IT team before being installed and/or updated. When you receive your system, it is at a "known" working state and, unless you require added functionality, we only update at certain times .

For OSX user, please use Self Service, located in your application folder, to install any software updates or applications available for your computer. If the software or updates is not available click on "My application is not on this list" to make the request.

How can I setup printers in windows?

We use basic types of printer, the CAPS printer.

Best is to contact CAI IT Services and they can organise the installation of the printers for any UoA computer.

How do print to CAPS on my laptop?

Large Format Printing

Where is the Large Format Printer?

Large format prints are prints that are larger than A3. They can be created on a range of papers using a range of inks. CAI has several large format printers, located on Level 2 of Building 421 (CAI Student Centre).

How do I print to the large format printer?

Large format printing is performed by the printing technician stationed at the print centre. Printing a large format print involves 3 key tasks:

  1. Putting the file into the dropbox folder
  2. Filling out the online form in the relevant spaces with your Username, contact details, the paper type you would like to use, the name/s of the files that you would like printed, your due date, and any other information relevant to your print.
  3. Topping up your Pharos account with sufficient funds to pay for your print. The 'Pharos account' can be topped up at the level 2 reception area of building 421 (Architecture school)

Once you have submitted a print request, please ensure you check your emails regularly as this will be the primary medium of contact.

How long will it take?

In most cases prints will be completed within a couple of hours. The print centre guarantee is 2 working days.  

Adobe activation popup

When I try and print with using Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Distiller I get a pop up notification saying something about activation and opening another Adobe component?

If you get this notification when using Adobe Acrobat or Distiller you need to close the Distiller or Acrobat application and open one of the other Adobe applications ie Photoshop or Illustrator. Once you have done this, try printing again.

Where can I store my data?

Server space

You can store your data on server space (staff-server for staff or student-server for students). This space is not as fast or as plentiful but it is backed up regularly thus your data will be backed regularly and can be restored from the last known, working backup point and provided back to you upon request. You should use this space to store all your important work. Each user has a 10 Gigabyte quota or limit so make sure it is your important UOA data stored there as opposed to your mp3 collection.

External drives

You can buy your own external drives. Most people don't back these up regularly and they are normally quite limited in capacity. These are ideal for keeping an extra copy of your files that you can keep with you so you have an "off-site" back up. We recommend that it is in your own best interest to keep your own personal backup of your data.

These are recommendations and constitute accepted best practice.

Outlook Web App (OWA) Features

Uxchange Webmail - OWA

Here is a link on how to access your Staff email from any computer that have a web browser and internet access:

Use your Username  as your username or if you have not been migrated you will need to put uoa\ in front of your user name .

For more information regarding your access, please follow the link below or contact servicedesk on extension 85100:

Setting out of office in OWA

Turning it on

  • Log into your webmail, see instruction above
  • Click on options on the top right hand side and choose set automatic repy
  • Select automatic reply and customise the period and reply message
  • Click save on bottom right hand side.

Turning it off

  • Log into your webmail, see instruction above
  • Click on options on the top right hand side and choose set automatic repy
  • Select Don't send automatic replies
  • Click save on bottom right hand side.
Redirecting email to another email address in OWA

Opening other email account that you have access in OWA
  1. After logging into OWA, click on your name on the the top right hand corner, and choose Open Other Mailbox
  2. Type in the mailbox name that you have been given and click on Open
  3. To switch back to your own account repeat step 1 and 2.

MS Office Outlook

How to add another mailbox that you have rights to your existing Window Outlook
  1. Click on file, then account settings, and account setting again.
  2. In Email, double click on your microsoft exchange account.
  3. In next window click on more setting
  4. In next window click on advance Tab 
  5. Click add
  6. Type in the name of the mailbox you want to add and it will search the directory.
  7. Choose the name from the result if available and click ok. 
  8. Repeat steps 5 to 7 if you have more mailbox to add.
  9. Click ok again, then next, then finish then close.
  10. You should now see and open all the mailboxes at the bottom of the lefthand column of outlook
  11. If you could not open any of the added mailbox you, check with the owner that they have given you full access to their mailbox.
How to access another mailbox exchange default folders to your existing Window Outlook (eg, inbox, contacts, calendar)
  1. Click on File, then Open, and Open other User's Folder
  2. Type in the mailbox name
  3. Choose the Folder Type, then click OK
  4. Choose the mailbox name from the list of result, then click OK
Configuring Exchange on OSX Outlook 2011/2016
  1. Connect computer to university network and check if browser load
  2. Launch Outlook and click on Tools, then Accounts..
  3. Click on the + to add exchange account
  4. Enter your University email address, uoa\<username> and password in appropriate fields
  5. If required, in the server field enter
  6. Click add Account button.

How do I connect to the Univerisity of Auckland Wireless?

Antivirus scan and Resetting UOA password

To Scan computer in Nod32 for OSX users:
  1. Click on the green nod32 icon on the top bar and choose update
  2. Then click on computer scan  
  3. Click on smart scan or if Custom scan window popup up, tick the Macintosh HD, then click on scan.

We recommend you reset your password every time an IT staff have asked you to perform an anti-virus scan. This can be done on this page: or call Staff Service Centre on Extension 86000. 

Please note for OSX user :

Resetting of password should be done on computer connecting to the university LAN. Once the password reset is successful, restart the laptop and login with your new password, choose the update keychain popup option, then enter your old password to update the keychain password to the new one.

Forgotten old Password:

The following two keychain options will meant that you will lose all saved keychain password and will require you to reenter them if they were saved in your keychain.

  1. If you have fogotten your old password, click on Create New Keychain option.
  2. If you click on the Continue option or get the recurring keychain popup, you will need to delete your "keychain" folder from your  library folder, located by launching Finder then click on Go and hold down the option key. Restarting the computer is recommended afterwards.

How to Subscribe to University Calendar

Visit this URL

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