Orientation Programme Part 2

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COVID-19 Updates

Visit the government website for current COVID-19 level updates

Visit the University of Auckland COVID-19 official updates page for students

Year Level Key Dates

Part 2 Dates

Part II Key Dates 2023

  • Orientation Part 2 - Tues 21 - Wed 22 February  Orientation Programme Part 2 
  • Māori Health Intensive Module - 10 - 13 July * NOTE THIS IS DURING INTER-SEMESTER BREAK
  • Molecule to Market Module - Friday 14 July 

Part 3 Dates

Part III Key Dates 2023

  • Orientation Part 3 - Fri 24 February Orientation Programme Part 3
  • Quality & Safety Interprofessional Module -  17 Mon and 18 Tues July - (Week 1 of PHARMACY 312)

Part 4 Dates

Part IV Key Dates 2023

  • Orientation Part 4 - Thursday 23 February - Aseptic Labs; Tuesday 28 February  Orientation Programme Part 4 

  • Refer to PHARMACY 701 Canvas site for Urgent & Immediate Patient Care (UIPC) Interprofessional Learning Module dates in 2023

Fitness to Practice
Required Text Books

Required Textbook used throughout Part 2, 3 and 4 of the BPharm

Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics, 6th Edition
Editors: Cate Whittlesea Karen Hodson
Paperback ISBN: 9780702070112
eBook ISBN: 9780702070099
Imprint: Elsevier Published Date: 7th August 2018

Strongly Recommended Textbooks in Part 2; as reference in Part 3 and 4

Pharmacy Practice
Edition 6th
Edited by Jennie Watson and Louise Cogan
ISBN: 9780702074301

Aulton’s pharmaceutics: the design and manufacture of medicines
Author: Michael E. Aulton, Kevin Taylor (editors)
Edition: 5th (2018)
ISBN: 070207005X, 9780702070051

Martin’s physical pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences: physical chemical and biopharmaceutical principles in the pharmaceutical sciences
Author: Patrick J. Sinko (editor)
Edition: 7th (2017)
ISBN: 1451191456, 1496353447, 9781451191455, 9781496353443

Physicochemical principles of pharmacy: in manufacture, formulation and clinical use
Author: Alexander T. Florence, David Attwood
Edition: 6th (2016)
ISBN: 9780857111746

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Bachelor of Pharmacy Honours Programme

University of Auckland students in Part III of their Bachelor of Pharmacy Degree are able to apply for entry into the Bachelor of Pharmacy Honours pathway.

Information on the  Bachelor of Pharmacy Honours Degree

Information about the Bachelor of Pharmacy Honours degree, including eligibility criteria,  can be found on these website pages:

Bachelor of Pharmacy Honours Graduate profile

A copy of the Bachelor of Pharmacy Honours Graduate profile can be found here:

Application Process

Application details and deadlines will be available for currently enrolled Auckland BPharm Year 3 students via their Canvas PHARMACY 312 course.

APSA Student Representative Details

APSA (Auckland Pharmacy Students Association) Information

Email APSA: apsaexec@gmail.com

Student Class Representatives 2023

  • Part II: Asia Mei Woodward and Yerang Seo
  • Part III: Katerina Cvetanova and Mitchell Wong
  • Part IV: Armaan Birring and Marian Haeri

MAPAS Student Tutors 2023

Part II: 
Part III: 
Part IV: 

Student Health and Wellbeing

Coronavirus Updates

University of Auckland Coronavirus current information

Student Illness During Study

What to do if you are unable to attend University

What to do if you are unwell/have experienced misfortune and cannot attend Placement day(s)

BPharm Year Coordinators

Remember the BPharm Year 2, 3 and 4 Coordinators are here for you if you need any support in your study, pastoral support, if you are feeling stressed or unwell or if you would like an impartial support person outside of your course team to be a sounding board or support.

Bachelor of Pharmacy Year Coordinators detail for students and staff 2023

Part 2 Year Coordinator
– Angelene van der Westhuizen a.vanderwesthuizen@auckland.ac.nz
Part 3 Year Coordinator
– Sara Hanning s.hanning@auckland.ac.nz and Trudi Aspden t.aspden@auckland.ac.nz 
Part 4 Year Coordinator
–  Emma Batey e.batey@auckland.ac.nz 

University Health Support Teams and Systems

Support People Here To Help You

BPharm Student Support Advisor: Daniel Heke

Email Daniel Heke confidentially about any academic, social, emotional, time management, financial pressures or other anxiety or concerns affecting your study: d.heke@auckland.ac.nz or fmhssupport@auckland.ac.nz

Phone Daniel Heke on +64 9 923 7071

Wellbeing Programme Outline

Supporting Distressed Students

Student Recreation and Sport

Student Recreation Centre

In Case of Emergencies

Off-campus Emergency Help and Support


Special Conditions for Tests

Apply for Special Conditions for Tests

Pharmacy Administration Information

Pharmacy Reception Collection Times for Assignments/Feedback

Located at Grafton Campus, Building 505, Level 3, School of Pharmacy reception desk

  • Open Monday to Friday (most days unless noted at the reception desk due to clinical exams/staff training)
  • 10:00 am to 12:00pm

Contact the School of Pharmacy

Pharmacy School Contact Details

Email: enquiries@uoa.auckland.ac.nz

Assignment box (Located at Grafton, Building 505, Level 3, to the right of the Pharmacy Reception office window)

  • Assignments can be dropped off at any time into the Assignment box

To book a study room at Level 3 School of Pharmacy:

Pharmacy Room Booking Requests

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