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Welcome to the Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm) Portal

This portal aggregates a range of information, links and resources related to delivery of the BPharm to make it easily available to staff, students and contributors to the BPharm programme.

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Placements Information (for Students)
Fitness to Practice
BPharm Awards/Prizes
Required Text Books

Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics, 6th Edition
Editors: Cate Whittlesea Karen Hodson
Paperback ISBN: 9780702070112
eBook ISBN: 9780702070099
Imprint: Elsevier Published Date: 7th August 2018

APSA 2020 Contact List Pharmacy Portal.pdf

Pharmaceutical Journal - The Pharmaceutical Journal latest issue
The deadly online prescribing loophole
Online prescribing has long operated in a regulatory grey area, with some online pharmacies evading oversight by exploiting technical loopholes in the law.
Relief from indigestion: a visual guide
Indigestion and heartburn affect four in ten people. This guide illustrates the options available over the counter for managing symptoms and how they work.
Confidential government documents reveal names of 209 medicine shortages in 2019
The Department of Health and Social Care reported 209 medicines shortages in 2019, over half of which occurred for three months or more, according to monthly updates sent to NHS providers.
Revised prescription forms with Universal Credit tick box to be introduced
Pharmacists can expect to see new FP10 prescription forms from the end of January 2020.
Deaths: Carol Goodchild
On 10 May 2019, Carol Goodchild MRPharmS, aged 77, of Banbury, Oxfordshire. Mrs Goodchild registered with the Society in 1966. 
Deaths: Stephen Roberts
On 8 January 2020, Stephen Roberts, aged 78, of East Anglia. Mr Roberts was a former member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, and was active in the Society’s Ipswich branch. 
How the pharmacy profession disregarded me and my disability, and why it must change
One pharmacist’s experience of discrimination, owing to their disabilities, shows that the profession still has a long way to go towards equality.
How I boosted my pharmacy CV with extracurricular activities
It takes more than academic achievement to succeed as a pharmacist, says fourth-year pharmacy student Alex McTaggart.
Treatment of acute and chronic lymphoid leukaemia
Pharmacists should be able to describe the differences between acute lymphoblastic and chronic lymphocytic leukaemia and the available treatment.
'Reporting illicit drug reactions' pilot to close following lack of use
A pilot of a national system for reporting unexpected or severe illicit drug reactions has been stopped because of a lack of use by healthcare professionals.

Student Health and Wellbeing

Student Illness During Study

What to do if you are unable to attend University

What to do if you are unwell/have experienced misfortune and cannot attend Placement day(s)

University Health Support Teams and Systems

 Student Wellbeing Support

Support People Here To Help You

BPharm Student Support Advisor: Daniel Heke

Email Daniel Heke confidentially about any academic, social, emotional, time management, financial pressures or other anxiety or concerns affecting your study: or

Phone Daniel Heke on +64 9 923 7071

Wellbeing Programme Outline

Supporting Distressed Students

Student Recreation and Sport

Student Recreation Centre

In Case of Emergencies

Off-campus Emergency Help and Support


Pharmacy Administration Information

Pharmacy Reception Collection Times for Assignments/Feedback

Located at Grafton Campus, Level 3

  • Open Monday to Friday
  • 9:30 to 11:00am and 2:30 to 4:00pm

Contact the School of Pharmacy

Pharmacy School Contact Details


Assignment box (Located at Grafton, Level 3, to the right of the Pharmacy Reception office window)

  • Assignments can be dropped off at any time into the Assignment box

To book a study room at Level 3 School of Pharmacy:

Pharmacy Room Booking Requests

Student Learning Resources

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